Current Functionality


  • Import/Create and Manage Unit Roster
  • Track Advancement (Rank, Merit Badge progress, Adventures, and Awards)
  • Import Adult Leaders Training status
  • Track event payments via Payment Log
  • Create and Manage Calendar events for units
  • Send messages to unit and connections
  • Track JTE metrics


  • View and manage youth advancement
  • Receive/view Unit Calendar
  • Receive unit messages


  • Ability to send messages to Units within the Council
  • Ability to import Council calendars into the Unit Calendar
  • Ability to update the most recent approved merit badge counselor list

Future Enhancements

  • Program updates
    • Add Lions to Cub Scouts
    • Add CS Shooting Sports Awards
    • Enable Venturing Subscriptions
  • Payment Log Enhancements
  • Advancement Record Sync with my.Scouting/ScoutNet
  • Ability for Youth Leaders to Approve Advancement
  • Enable Dual Registration
  • Redesign Report Tools
  • Add Varsity program
  • Integrate/Sync Membership (Scoutbook with my.Scouting including SSO – Single sign on.)
  • Implement the ability for Units to recharter via Scoutbook.