Our goal is to replace the current PAS Fundraising software with Blackbaud Fundraising. This includes three key features: the Blackbaud Fundraising platform, Enhancements for Continued Rollout, and the Blackbaud Constituent Relationship Management (BBCRM) tools.

Blackbaud Solution

Migration of all councils to Fundraising Platform

  • Online Donation Platform (developed by BSA)
  • BBCRM – Blackbaud Constituent (Customer) Relationship Management
  • Merchant Services for Credit Card Processing

Peoplesoft Financials

Upgrades to the PeopleSoft Application

  • Accounts Payables (AP)
  • General Ledger (GL)
  • Asset Management (AM)

Blackbaud Solution

Blackbaud Fundraising

All Councils launched in waves over the last few years

Efforts Completed

Friends of Scouting (FOS) Management
Simplify FOS appeals
Pledge cards
Management reports
Data entry and donor communications
Blackbaud/ Akela integration
Enhanced Reporting
Designed BSA Specific Training Programs
Improved Performance Monitoring

Upcoming Areas of Focus

Data Warehouse stabilization
Performance Improvement
Pledge Card data cleanup for councils so their Pledge Cards print properly
Create administrative function so councils can maintain their own Designations and G/L Accounts
Setup ACH capabilities
Integrate Outlook
Create additional reports

Online Giving (developed by BSA)


Replaces Blackbaud Sphere and iDonate
Direct Integration of online giving to CRM
Donations appear as a batch in Blackbaud



Peoplesoft Financials

Leveraging commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications for financial management helps councils reduce overall cost of doing business. PeopleSoft Financials enables councils to gain visibility into business-critical information, strengthen financial discipline and governance best practices, and realize efficiencies by centralizing, automating and standardizing key business processes.

Boy Scouts of America implemented the following PeopleSoft modules to support council operations:

Accounts Payables (AP)

Enables councils to efficiently manage disbursements while keeping strong controls over matching, approval processes, and payments. Benefits include streamlined invoice to payment processing and gives users tools to manage transaction processing and maintain vendor relationships.

All councils are currently using Accounts Payables Functionality.

General Ledger (GL)

Provides a comprehensive financial management solution that offers fully automated processes to support information needs for legal and management reporting. It provides strong controls to meet financial reporting regulations with flexibility and accommodate different accounting standards and industry business requirements.

All councils are currently using General Ledger Functionality.

Asset Management (AM)

Allows councils to leverage a single repository of physical and financial data about all their properties and equipment for easier monitoring, maintenance and can readily incorporate this information into their budgeting and planning process.

75% of the councils are using Asset Management Functionality

The conversion process for the remaining 25% of the councils continues–as they have their data ready to load and implement.


Peoplesoft Maintenance Roadmap

PeopleSoft eBill Payment Functionality

Collaboration between the Treasury and IT teams.  eBill Payment will provide a one-stop dashboard for all invoices from the National Service Center. Local councils and distributors will be able to view, pay and monitor account status for all invoices originating from the National Service Center including Supply, Benefits, Magazine, etc.

Program going into Pilot: 1Q of 2018.

Peoplesoft Application Upgrade

Some functionality is expected to change. Any functionality or business process changes will be communicated and additional training provided ahead of time. This will enable councils to stay current with functionality delivered with the new release of the application and leverage more streamlined business workflows. Councils will have the opportunity to participate in functional enhancement reviews before any new functionality is implemented.

Target Go Live: TBD

PeopleTools Upgrade

PeopleTools is the foundation of PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications. With the PeopleTools upgrade, there will be minimal impact to the way councils use the application and no business functionality changes. There are reporting tool enhancements which will allow better reporting and continuous improvement of how the application functions as a whole. This upgrade will help position BSA to adopt a less disruptive software maintenance process going forward at a lower cost. Updates will improve the functioning of the underlying system and enable BSA to leverage new integration tools delivered with newer technology.
First tools upgrade from 8.51 to 8.54 completed in October 2016. Next tools upgrade to 8.56 or latest version will be completed at the same time as the Application upgrade.

Target Go Live: TBD