IT Roadmap--Boy Scouts of America

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Blueprint and Timeline (Learn More)

Where are we?

  • 20 year old technology
  • Limited knowledgeable staff to support technology
  • Training materials have not kept pace with software changes
  • High operating costs
  • Ongoing MS-Windows security patches and browser upgrades threaten technology usage
  • Many internal software components are not the latest; some are no longer supported
  • Our recovery time in a failure could be slow and have significant cost

How did we get here?

  • ScoutNET was developed by BSA in 1998/1999 timeframe
  • Prior to ScoutNET Councils supported hardware and software in their offices
  • ScoutNET provided insight into consolidated data and management reporting
  • The adoption of ScoutNET was painful and presented a steep learning curve
  • Ongoing funding for software support has limited enhancements and restricted support
  • Compliance with legal requirements and urgent business needs is difficult

Focusing on the Right Things

Answers to these 4 key questions keep us focused:

  • Will it eliminate our legacy systems?
  • Does it fit into the BSA Game Plan?
  • Is it a compliance or legal requirement?
  • Does it help a council increase membership?

Vision for the future

  • Make our volunteer and staff Scouting experiences easier
  • Deliver Products that are intuitive and easy to use
  • Create Products that work on mobile phones and tablets
  • Deliver Products that meet compliance requirements for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and the Payment Card Industry (PCI)


A set of tools that eliminates paper processes and provides the ability to register, update, and track youth members, leaders, and chartered partners associated with Boy Scouts of America. Includes capability for roster management, taking and recording training, and integrating advancement down to the requirement, both in the field and council office.

My.Scouting Tools Features

Role Based Access
Device Responsive – Incorporated mobile platform design
Workflow Integration
Electronic Signatures
Online Payment
Paperless Approach
Integrated Toolset

Organization Manager

New Unit Management
Existing Unit Management
Restructuring for Units
Districts, Councils and Areas

Advancement Manager

Scoutbook integration with my.Scouting Tools
Record advancement at the individual requirement level and sync with Scoutbook
Eagle Scout Application
District and Council Advancement Reports and Dashboards

Person & Member Management

Online Registration
Council Registrar Tools
Roster Management
Membership Reporting and Dashboards

Training Manager

Incorporate all Adult and Youth Training
Training Reports
Complete Integration of the BSA Learn Center and new course content

Additional Tool Considerations

Learning for Life
Service Hours (Scoutbook Integration)
NESA – National Eagle Scout Association
OA – Order of the Arrow




Blackbaud provides nonprofit management solutions, fundraising software, prospect research and fund accounting.

Blackbaud Solutions include:
– Migration of all councils to Fundraising Platform
– Online Donation Platform (developed by BSA)
– BBCRM – Blackbaud Constituent (Customer) Relationship Management
– Merchant Services for Credit Card Processing


Upgrades will be made to the PeopleSoft Application

PeopleSoft Financials include:
– Accounts Payables (AP)
– General Ledger (GL)
– Asset Management (AM)


From the first knot tied to final hours of service performed, the Scouting experience is a journey like no other. Scoutbook ensures not a moment is missed – tracking advancement, milestone achievements and all the fun along the way.

You can track advancements, upload photos and videos, send messages to leaders/Scouts/parents, plan events and track activities, and have fun for all ages.

Scoutbook will be free to all units effective January 1, 2019.  Learn more.  Scoutbook will be free starting January 1 2019 (14) UPDATED September 21 2018 PDF

Parents and Youth Members

View and manage youth advancement
Receive and view Unit Calendar
Receive unit messages

Units and Leaders

Import/Create and Manage Unit Roster
Track Advancement (Rank, Merit Badge progress, Adventures, and Awards)
Import Adult Leaders Training status
Track event payments via Payment Log
Create and Manage Calendar events for units
Send messages to unit and connections
Automatic youth advancement sync with ScoutNET


Send messages to Units within the Council
Import Council calendars into the Unit Calendar
Update the most recent approved merit badge counselor list

my.Scouting Tools



View and manage information on training like Youth Protection Training (YPT), position training, and more for members of your organization


An admin dashboard for you to view and create contacts, plus view and track commissioner assignments, roundtable attendance, and performance


Manage your profile so that other members in the organization can contact you.


Manage the roster and profile information for every registered member in your organization.


Roadmap to deliver a new Events Management solution

ScoutNET Events

Events were a portion of the ScoutNet strategy to incorporate all council tools that shared common data about persons, organizations, units and BSA structure. They have a history of sparse council usage across the board so they are going to be retired.

Events Going Forward

We have reviewed a number of existing third-party products that focus on event management.  Many local councils already use a variety of third-party event registration tools.

Our plan is to vet the available online tools and decide whether to invest in one of these tools or build our own online event management solution.  Then we expect to build interfaces that will obtain unit and roster info and update member profiles with training, advancement, and event attendance.